Introducing Mindfulness & Meditation to 40 Primary School Teachers

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Today I visited a school in West London to introduce the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

The presentation included an opportunity to practice a technique, an introduction to how to integrate our resources & discussion around the most effective ways to  bring calm into the classroom.

The school is very forward thinking with several teachers doing a fantastic job to pioneer essential practices into their classroom.

How did it all come about?

One of the teachers who has a very challenging year group was experiencing the build up of  stress each day.  She  looked around for techniques to help her and the students experience some calm time. Now she is starting to introduce a simple technique each day after morning break and dinner time to help students find a quiet space, reflect and focus for the rest of the day.

The school is actively encouraging staff members to introduce practices into their classroom. Making use of the free resources and tools that are available.

If staff can start to establish a practice in their life then this naturally has an effect on students and other staff members. Gradually realizing that Mindfulness and Meditation is something that can help students to progress in their studies, focus, increase concentration and inner well-being.

To bring calm into the classrooms of schools takes time, it requires a slow cook, organic approach – there’s no rush. Often rushing is the issue.

FASTER FASTER FASTER is not always the solution…

It’s an inspiration to visit such a school who are proactively taking responsibility for the well-being of staff and students.