Your Mindful School

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We’re here to help your school become more Mindful, we know you don’t have much time, so let’s get started straight away!

One Minute Mindfulness series.

There are ten separate practices that you can try out in your classroom.

As a background you may be interested in reading the ‘5 Minutes to a Calmer Classroom’ resource.

Once you are familiar with this resource and you want to bring Mindfulness into your classroom on a regular basis in very brief sessions, then use this series.

Mindfulness can help with many elements of a students life.  Increase focus, enhance creativity, reduce anxiety and worry.  Click on a theme that interests you and your students and engage in the practice.

This resource has been designed for simplicity.

If you wish for more extensive commentary then please explore this section of the Mind Space website where you can watch video instruction and explanation.


One Minute Mindfulness