Meditation in Schools – Stroud

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Stroud High School invited us to present essential Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to their staff and students.

On the first visit we presented to 30 students aged 11-17 introducing a variety of practical techniques over a one hour period.

This session was conducted in their sports hall; the girls were sitting on chairs, lying down on mats, sitting on the floor and walking around the hall, whilst the workshop was conducted.

We make these unique workshops engaging and interactive, packed with useful practices for students to use both at school and home. Also we introduced the tasty mindful eating practice.

See the practices below that were introduced.

mindfulness workshop in schools

In the new term we will visit again and offer a workshop for members of staff, introducing practical techniques for their own well being and also how the can use our resources in their respective classrooms.

Consider a Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop in your school…