Our Lady of the Wayside Primary School.

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We were invited by the headteacher to deliver a Mindfulness and Meditation session for all the staff at Our Lady of the Wayside Primary School.

It was a staff inset day at the beginning of the new winter term and the headteacher had heard of the Meditation in Schools Project working well in other areas of Birmingham and Solihull so decided that it would be a good idea to introduce the concept to the staff.

We had a one hour workshop. Staff had the opportunity to be guided through several Mindfulness practices and discover how to introduce the resources into their classroom.

We will be going back to the school later in the term to introduce techniques to some of the students and give staff the opportunity to see how their pupils respond.

When discussing with teachers in schools I always emphasise that the first step to bringing the techniques into their classroom is to practice themselves.  This is why we usually start with a staff workshop and training.


Photo taken of students from Our Lady’s school from Locally Healthy website