Meditation and Mindfulness in Schools, Reading Blue Coat.

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Blue Coat School invited us to present Meditation and Mindfulness techniques to their sixth form.

We presented for one hour, introducing four separate techniques to focus the mind, deal with stress around exam time and increase focus.

This is the feedback from Peri Wragg who co-ordinated the visit for Blue Coat.

The students really enjoyed the session – despite some initial giggling and low level disruption, eventually even the most unwillingly students seem to succumb to your techniques. I have never seen the 250 strong cohort that quiet before. It was excellent. Hopefully the easy techniques you provided will be of benefit as the sixth form approach their exams, and I am sure some of the staff will be making use of them too.

Thank you very much for making time for us! I am certain we will invite you back for our next speakers rotation.

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