Transcending Exam Stress

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Exam season is upon us!

It can be a time of great stress for both students, staff and parents.

When I go into schools and offer Mindful Meditation practices I try to share essential practices that can be used in the most stressful of environments.

Often what’s needed is a simple, straightforward instruction without too much complication.

Explore the online resources here to discover how to help reduce the stress within yourself and those around you.

Of course we need a little stress but too much can effect our concentration, focus and memory.

If during the lead up to exams you can spend a short time each day resting your attention on your breath and refocusing your mind then this can help to encourage clarity and positivity.

When the mind is stressed and anxious then it can prevent us from stepping back and taking breaks.

During revision time, take the opportunity to go for a walk, have a tea break, or just simply spend sometime in the garden.

When I was doing my GCSE’s I had a morning paper-round, this gave me the chance to wake up early on exam day and clear my mind whilst cycling around my village on that beloved BMX!

I found this a good way to relieve stress and step back from the pressure of the day.

When I was taking exams during my Buddist training, I would always spend a little time doing breathing meditation before revision, just to set a relaxed, focused tone, then when it was actually time to sit the exam and we were instructed to turn over the page, before doing so I would spend a least one-minute engage in the same breathing meditation.  This would help me to settle into the present moment and recall all the information that I had learned and actually enjoy the experience of sitting an exam.

When our mind is relaxed and focused then it performs at its best.

Keep a positive, confident mind and look after your body and mind in this way you can transcend the stress around exam time and have a happy time.

Apply for training in your school here.

I wish you all the best!

Best wishes