Guided Meditation to Live in the Moment and Increase Focus

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Meditation ideally suited for ages 16-18.
Try this ten minute guided meditation with your class.

Enjoy a ten minute Mindful Body Guided Meditation.

Learning to live in the moment and increase focus.

Giving you the chance to experience all the benefits of Mindful Body Meditation In this practices, we are using an awareness of our body to draw us into the present moment, away from distractions and worry.

If we check carefully, when anxiety and worry arises, it is usually from mulling over something that could happen in the future, or from being preoccupied with something that happened in the past.

Many worries we have about future events never manifest; although they take up much of our mind space, they never occur. Training in being mindful naturally guides our attention into the present.

We learn to fully accept in each moment what is happening both around and inside of us. Abiding in the present moment provides us with an opportunity to let go of the future and the past. Having a skilful, mindful awareness of our body can help us to become fully present and live a meaningful life.

If we observe our mental habits, as human beings, we tend to be continuously conscious of our body, making sure that it is okay, well fed and watered, looking good and youthful!

Much of the time this awareness of the body does not lead to good results and can generate heightened sensitivity, resulting in anguish and worry.

However, if we train in the mindful body practices, developing an awareness of our body, which is non-judgmental and open, then the relationship we have with it can become more positive and lead to peace.

Through training in the practices contained within this class, we will make this possible.

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