Bow School, Tower Hamlets

I visited the school and spent an hour offering a variety of techniques to around 100 students and 5-6 members of staff.

Manchester Grammar School

Manchester Grammar School approached us, requesting an Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness to help Year 10 deal with the stress leading up to and during their AS Levels.

How Music Can Help Improve Your Study

remember when I was revising in my bedroom for my GCSE’s I would always have music on. When I needed to really concentrate and think, I would simply turn it down so it was more gentle. There are different theories about whether music can help or hinder studies.

‘This is a practical and instantly likeable introduction to bringing mindfulness to the classroom.’ – The Guardian

— Find out more about this practical resource

Malala Yousafzai opening the biggest library in Europe.

New study showing how Mindfulness helps teachers

The University researchers state:

Those who received the mindfulness training displayed reductions in psychological stress, improvements in classroom organization and increases in self-compassion.

Back to School with Peace

A new school term starts for many people around the world.

It’s a busy time and can be stressful for both staff and students.

Take the opportunity to book a Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop.

Bringing Meditation & Mindfulness to classrooms and the next generation is a noble vision but firstly we need to bring the practice into our own life.

10 reasons to bring Meditation to your school

reduce stress in the classroom

New Resources

Partnering with the Guardian newspaper we are now offering an updated set of resources for Teachers and Schools to use.

Meditation helping students during exam time

BBC | Mindfulness in Schools in the News

CHILDREN MEDITATING! A Guided Meditation with 300 School Children – Ages 5 – 16

Watch a 5 minute guided Meditation led by Adam Dacey in a school in Pushkar, India.

This Guided Meditation was led every morning over a 3 week period.

The whole school took part at the beginning of the day. Girls aged 5 -16.

Meditation in Schools Project in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya in India is a renowned centre for Meditation. It is the location where Buddha sat and attained the full realization of his own mind. I visited a school in this blessed town that invites children from disadvantaged background from the surrounding areas to a free education. Several sessions took place on the roof of the school. India in January is quite mild, perfect conditions for Meditation. We engaged in several 10 minute Meditations focused on the breathing. The children are aged between 6-10 and they respond positively to the Meditations. Contrary to what people believe about India many people do not Meditate. None of these children had the opportunity to Meditate before. Nevertheless they sat quietly and still and absorbed into the meditation. Here is a picture after one of the sessions. Children in India are used to sitting on the floor so they had no problem sitting in...

Institute of Education – Meditation in Schools Workshop

Excited to announce the next Meditation in Schools workshop will be at the Institute of Education in Central London – more information on Facebook here.

Meditation in Schools – Creating Mind Space with a group of 16 year old students

How do you create mind space?

Upcoming Meditation in Schools Meet Up in London

This week sees the first live event in London. There is a Facebook Page that you can join here. Here are more details about this event. It will be a great opportunity for Londoners to find out more about the project. Many people have traveled North to the Midlands for workshops over the years, now we are coming to you.  I ts the first of it kind and I am really looking forward to it. Best wishes Adam