Introducing Mindfulness and Meditation to 200 Children

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Yesterday I visited a primary school in West London to deliver 4 Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops to Year 5 & 6.

Each session lasted half an hour and included Mindful Listening, Mindful Breathing, Meditation Practice and some fun Mindful Group Activities.  See our resources here.

The students  aged between 8-10 and were curious and engaged with practice.
Recognising that Mindful Meditation practices help to increase focus & concentration and to reduce stress.

Following introducing Meditation to the students then I presented to a group of 20 staff  at their inset day how to use our online resources in their classroom.

Empowering teachers to integrate our online resources means that schools can enjoy calmer classrooms with a few clicks of a mouse…

See the latest Guardian article detailing our resources.
Become involved with the schools project here.