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Undercover ways to bring Mindfulness into the Classroom!

It’s often said that you teach, what you need to learn yourself.

Bringing Meditation & Mindfulness to classrooms and the next generation is a noble vision, but firstly we need to bring the practice to our own life.

One of the first steps for teachers & decision makes in schools is an appreciation that Meditation and Mindfulness can be of  practical benefit to their own life.

Did you notice that last cup of tea you drank?
The taste, experience, the myriad web of interconnected human activity that has led to that cup being in your hand?

Its always a pleasure when visiting schools to introduce Mindfulness and Meditation. Usually there is an initial request from a member of staff. We have a popular resource called 5 minutes to a calmer classroom but where does that calm classroom come from?

Firstly the teacher.

Even if we deliver a spell bounding session to the students…the teachers and school managers need an experience for there= to be a legacy in the school.

This experience will have a deeper, long lasting effect on all those around them, including their students.

Initially it’s less obvious but if you reflect, it makes complete sense.

From a recent Meditation in Schools meet up at the British Library, the group concluded that one of the most effective ways to bring Mindfulness into our school is simple by practicing it in our own life – simply showing an example around the corridors, in the staff & classrooms.

This doesn’t mean we need to go around wearing a Mindfulness t’shirt!
Becoming known as ‘the one who practices that Mindfulness thing.’

We can practice undercover.

Our practice of Mindfulness will have an effect on all the people we come into contact with, without them necessarily knowing that we’re practicing.

There are many ways to establish a calmer classroom and bring Meditation to our school. The obvious way is to invite a speaker to deliver a session or a series of classes.

A more subtle way however is for teachers to simple engage in a Mindfulness practice themselves.

Organically over time the effect will be far reaching.