Malala Yousafzai opening the biggest library in Europe.

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There was a huddle of photographers, youngish BBC middle men, organizers with tags, mayors, councilors, journalists finding a corner where they could quickly compose and upload a post. Children on their dads backs, iPhone’s held in the air.  There was a good mix , there always is in Brum. A cheer in the air something good is happening in the second city; but who was at the centre of attention?  It wasn’t the 180 million pounds creation, no for a few minutes it was a small, unassuming teenage girl with a powerful inspirational voice that will bring a tear to your eye if you engage. Shot point blank in the head by the Taliban one year ago for wanting an education, here is Malala Yousafzai opening the biggest library in Europe.

Credit to the organizers for not opting for the usual politician, royalty or sports person.

A face that tells so much and moves us all to progress, fight for our own and others freedom.

She spoke and referred to the crowd as brothers and sisters and talked about the power & importance of the book & the knowledge we can gain from reading and developing our imagination. Malala stated:

“I truly believe the only way we can create global peace is through educating not only our minds, but our hearts and our souls.”

Watch clips of Malala’s talk here.

The new library is now open, take a visit and create some mind space….

The library fits well within Birmingham mix of concrete, roads and architecture experiments. offering glorious views across the city centre, the largest library space in Europe offering the most extensive collection of Shakespeare in the entire world.
Underlining the importance of books and the power of knowledge.

Malala said:

‘It is my dream that one day, great buildings like this one will exist in every corner of the world so every child can grow up with the opportunity to succeed.”

This is an exciting time! There are millions of books in this new library. Knowledge that can transform. The act of sitting down with a book for a short time offers us space to let go the stresses of modern life and increases the power of imagination.

This new building offers just that and provides ample space to enjoy, sit and reflect.

The library offer the students of Birmingham a fantastic, creative resource for developing their minds.
Take a look around the library here & hear clips of the talk here:

Everyone has the right to an education, let’s work together to make this possible.

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