Education Minister advises Mindfulness

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In 2009 we started to write letters to Parliament and in particular the Department of Education, sharing the great benefits that mindfulness and meditation would have within schools, colleges and universities.

Learning an essential life skill to help increase focus, reduce stress and pacify anxiety.

So we are encouraged to hear seven years from when we sent our first letter that Edward Timpson the current Minister for Children and Families stated during a session in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London that mindfulness is

“a modern innovation born from the deepest traditions of meditation” and that schools and colleges using the technique will “to enable all children to enjoy good mental health and emotional wellbeing”.

With great insight for the mental health of students Mr Timpson states:

“We want schools to have a whole-school approach that makes talking about feelings, emotions and wellbeing as normal for pupils as talking about their physical bodies.

That might include lessons taught as part of the PSHE curriculum, whole-school programmes such as mindfulness that become a normal part of the school day, role play in drama lessons, or offering meditation or yoga sessions.”

We offer such training for schools and have seen great results for both students and staff.

Not matter where you are located in the world, whether you are interested in a one-off introduction, a series of classes within the classroom or online, or would just like more information then please get in touch and we will try to help bring more calm into your classroom.