Wisdom in Wimbledon

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We visited Hollymount Primary School in Wimbledon to offer a morning of training to the entire staff team.

They had the opportunity to try many mindfulness practices over the course of the morning workshop.

We explored a series of mindful listening and body practices.  Gaining first hand experience of the benefits of mindfulness.

On this well-being inset day, staff were given the time to slow down, reflect and discover best practices to help them live in the moment.

Although this morning workshop was about staff having the opportunity to practice, we also had the time to look at how we can start to share mindfulness with students through using our resources and sharing gentle practices.

Why not bring a mindfulness workshop to your next inset day and encourage calmness and well-being in the school?

Please note the above picture was taken towards the end of session where we engaged in a deep relaxation practice lying down on the floor on matts, for most of the workshop staff were sitting on chairs.

Get in touch for further information.  We are here to help you and your school!