Mindfulness at Ballet School

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Adam Dacey ran a mindfulness session for a large group of Elmhurst students during Enrichment. The students were shown and then tried a number of coping strategies to help them deal with stress or anxiety before exams or auditions. Adams teaching style went at just the right pace to keep the students focused on mindfulness for everyday life. The students found the session helpful and enjoyable. (Anneli Peavot)

Adam delivered a couple of wonderful session with our students aged 14 years upwards. He adapted well to the challenge of the environment in which one of the session was delivered.  The students were fully engaged throughout and I am certain that the students benefitted immensely from his input. (Lindsey Kirby) 

Elmhurst Ballet School located in Edgbaston, were interested to experience how a mindfulness session would work with their students.

We decided to bring the training to Year 9,10,11 & 12.

Dividing into two year groups.

There were around 60 students in each group which lasted for around one hour.

The first session with 11 & 12 took place in an informal assembly type setting in the school theatre.

Very quickly all the students were on the stage sitting on the floor and enjoying the opportunity to practice in the meditation posture.

Generally on school visits I advise students to sit in a chair but as they are all so flexible due to their ballet training there was no problem to sit on the floor.

We engaged in a series of practices.

Mindful sitting, mindful walking, mindful stretching, mindful hands and the mindful body scan.

As with most groups I emphasise practice in the session as opposed to theory.

The most effective way for anyone to gain experience is having the opportunity to practice, not just to be spoken at.

The students were able to sit still and quietly gain benefit from the periods of silence.

We discussed how the mindful practices could be used to help focus the mind, reduce stress and tension, help with stage fright and nerves.

We also introduced how they can continue with their practice using the mindspace app and website.

The second session with Year 9 and 10 followed a similar format but took place in the library, which was quiet and relaxed and provided an perfect setting for a mindfulness session.

Students once again engage with the content – especially connecting with the mindful body scan at the end of the session, where they were able to relax both body and mind.

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