Where to Start?

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Many teachers get in touch via this website to inquire as to how they can start to bring mindfulness into their school, they hear about the great benefits of practice and wish for their students and staff to experience this.

Like with anything worthwhile it takes time and a good plan.  This is more important than just finding a budget for a one-off session.

Reflecting on a long-term vision as to how to integrate mindful training into school life.  We can help you with this.

For this to be a success then there needs to be a group of teachers who are practising the training on a regular basis.

Teachers who have a daily mindfulness practice.

What does that mean?

A daily practice could consist of sitting down for 10-20 minutes each day quietly bringing one’s attention to the breath or body or present moment.  Once this practice has completed, then to try and carry a mindful awareness through the school day. Living in the moment, not rushing too much and trying to single-task wherever possible.

When teachers start to show a mindful example in the school, over time the students are naturally influenced by this.  This creates a very good foundation for students to learn.

If a school wishes to become more mindful, then it has to start with the teachers practising, regularly over a period of time.

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