Welcome, we work with some of the best schools in the UK, we hope that you can be included. Apply below and read the letter from the founder.

Dear friends,

Together we can bring mindful meditation techniques to the next generation, providing them with an exceptionally important life skill and method for training the mind. Gently introducing students of all ages to mindfulness, we can contribute to improving mental health in this busy and uncertain world.

We hope your school can be included – all are welcome to submit a request.

Staff and students from Year 3-13 can experience the training, which can take the form of entire school assemblies, year group workshops, individual class sessions and staff inset days.

The training is offered globally, so if you’re outside the UK then you’re still eligible.

We can work together, to help you and your school become more mindful, whether that is inviting a speaker, enrolling your staff and students onto the Mindspace online training course, using the online resources or mobile app in your classroom, or taking the plunge and training to teach yourself.

When I finished my A-Levels, before attending University I spent six months in Nepal and was fortunate enough to learn with Buddhist monks how to practice mindfulness and meditation. I remember thinking:

‘Why did I have to travel this far to learn such an important method for experience peace, inner calm and focus, why didn’t anyone teach me this when I was a school ?!’

This thought was to be the seed for the Meditation in Schools Project.  Twenty-two years later I am travelling around the world, visiting schools and passing on the practices that I learned from my training.

Let’s provide opportunities for children across the world to learn mindfulness and meditation.

Browse the site to discover the work that we are accomplishing, watch the videos, listen to a live introductory session for Year 7 and Year 11, read and watch the feedback from students and teachers – here is one of my favourites:

Great to see noisy pupils settling to a new sort of calmness.  The non denominational, non religious presentation means it is available to everyone and  fits in perfectly with the Curriculum Guidelines.  It would also be great for staff to learn as it would help relationships.

I hope you can become involved in this important work!

Best wishes

Adam Dacey