Children can Meditate too!

Questions that are often asked at Meditation classes are :

‘Can I teach Meditation techniques to my children.’

The answer is: ‘YES!’

Children can learn essential techniques breathing meditation & mindfulness techniques that adults practice.
The results are inspirational.

In general children are mentally & physically more flexible than adults – many young children can easily sit in the lotus posture and are happy to experiment with different Meditation techniques.

Meditation practice doesn’t need to be for a very long time – just 5 or 10 minute sessions to begin with.

In our experience thus far, introducing Meditation into Schools & Children’s groups has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

When we bring Meditation sessions into the classroom, teachers are astounded by the way in which children can enjoy silence, they can sit quietly and experience stillness.

The Meditation in Schools project thus far has introduced Meditation to children within all the Key Stages of the National Curriculum.   See feedback here.

Why not consider bringing Meditation to your School and have a chat with us today 🙂