Meditation in Schools Project in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya in India is a renowned centre for Meditation. It is the location where Buddha sat and attained the full realization of his own mind. I visited a school in this blessed town that invites children from disadvantaged background from the surrounding areas to a free education. Several sessions took place on the roof of the school. India in January is quite mild, perfect conditions for Meditation. We engaged in several 10 minute Meditations focused on the breathing. The children are aged between 6-10 and they respond positively to the Meditations. Contrary to what people believe about India many people do not Meditate. None of these children had the opportunity to Meditate before. Nevertheless they sat quietly and still and absorbed into the meditation.

Children in India are used to sitting on the floor so they had no problem sitting in the Meditation posture. We engaged in the Classical Breathing Meditation and Purifying Breathing Meditation At the end of the session we asked the children if they had any questions – they asked some very engaging ones indicated that they had been present during the session. What happens when there are distractions in my mind? How can I concentrate more? As usual whenever we visit a school regardless of age and ability we offer the school the opportunity to use our online meditation tools and resources so they can continue with the practices are the live workshops. Read more about the Meditation in Schools Project.