Mindfulness in Moseley Primary Schools

Around 60 staff and teaching assistants gathered at the end of the school day in the sports hall, to learn how they can bring mindful meditation practices into their daily life…

Solihull Schools Conference

Attendees were introduced to the benefits of Mindfulness for themselves, teachers and pupils alike.
Feedback was very positive with many reporting feeling much more relaxed and calm after the session and a general interest to explore this concept further…

Wisdom in Wimbledon

On this well-being inset day, staff were given the time to slow down, reflect and discover best practices to help them live in the moment.

National Schools Conference in Ireland

On the 16th October 2016, we delivered a series of workshops to music teachers from across Ireland who had gathered at their annual conference in Portlaoise.

Mental Health in Schools Conference

We explored how to train in mindful meditation and the benefits of bringing essential practices into the classroom.

Year 12 learn the art of Mindfulness in Leeds

We gathered together for one hour discussed the background to mindful meditation and learned a series of essential practices that can be incorporated into a busy school day.

Education Minister advises Mindfulness

In 2009 we started to write letters to Parliament and in particular the Department of Education, sharing the great benefits that mindfulness and meditation would have within schools, colleges and universities.


It is time to go back to school! Let’s take a look at how we can help you this term. We can visit your school and provide a practical presentation for both students and teachers.

Meditation in Schools at Conference

Conference had the opportunity to practice a series of mindful trainings and hear how we can start to bring the practices into our schools.

5 Tips to Help You During Exam Time

With a clear and calm mind, you can more easily focus on the material you’re studying and you might even enjoy learning more, as you realize your world will not end over one exam.

Listen and practice a Meditation from a recent school visit.

Take note how it is possible for 300, 16 year old students to meet together in an assembly and practice meditation.

Meditation and Mindfulness in Schools, Reading Blue Coat.

I have never seen the 250 strong cohort that quiet before. It was excellent. Hopefully the easy techniques you provided will be of benefit as the sixth form approach their exams, and I am sure some of the staff will be making use of them too.


Bring the new, groundbreaking, 8 week MINDFUL course into your school to give teachers a great foundation for integrating practices into their life and classroom.

Teaching the Teachers

We visited a primary school in North Wembley. Before introducing techniques to pupils, I always suggest that staff have a taster and establish a practice.

Our Lady of the Wayside Primary School.

We were invited by the headteacher to deliver a Mindfulness and Meditation session for all the staff at Our Lady of the Wayside Primary School.

Year 5 and 6 feedback

In Solihull School we have started a Mindfulness club for students from the primary school.

Year 13 Student Feedback

Watch the video to discover feedback from students who took a Mindfulness and Meditation Course in Portishead.

Enjoy the MindSpace App

Download and access many of the practices that we recommend for schools to use.

Meditation in Schools Project: Watch a session with 150 students

Meditation in Schools Project: Watch a Meditation Session with 150 students from Bedford Sixth Form.  

Solihull School

We are currently supporting Solihull School with the integration of Mindfulness into their classrooms.

Mindful School – Dixons Academy

Listen to a live recording of a Meditation in Schools session. On the 1st September for the new academic year Dixon’s Academy in Bradford invited us to introduce Mindfulness and Mediation techniques to the new Year 7. Also we shared methods for overcoming exam stress and increasing focus with Year 11.

Meditation in Schools – Stroud

Stroud High School invited us to present essential Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to their staff and students.

On the first visit we presented to 30 students aged 11-17 introducing a variety of practical techniques over a one hour period.

Your Mindful School

We’re here to help your school become more Mindful, we know you don’t have much time, so let’s get started straight away! One Minute Mindfulness series. There are ten separate practices that you can try out in your classroom.

Bow School, Tower Hamlets

I visited the school and spent an hour offering a variety of techniques to around 100 students and 5-6 members of staff.

Manchester Grammar School

Manchester Grammar School approached us, requesting an Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness to help Year 10 deal with the stress leading up to and during their AS Levels.