Meditation Training in Your School

Apply here to start your new term with a guided meditation for your staff, what better way to start the new term!

5 Reasons Why Children Need to Look After Their Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it’s something that children need to start thinking about early on. Here are five reasons why: It helps them cope with stress and challenges. Kids face a lot of stress in their lives, from school to relationships to family problems. Having good mental health can help them cope with these challenges in a healthy way. For example, if your child is feeling stressed about a test, they can use mindfulness techniques to calm down and focus. They can also talk to you or another trusted adult about how they’re feeling. It helps them build strong relationships. Good mental health helps kids develop the skills they need to build strong relationships with their family, friends, and teachers. For example, if your child is able to manage their emotions in a healthy way, they’re more likely to have positive...

Back to School with Meditation

With the new year starting up it’s time to start considering how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your schools classroom. To hear how this can benefit your school, who better to hear from than the students. Watch this video to hear feedback from their Meditation sessions. Apply to bring Mindfulness Meditation into your school this term.  Book soon as slots are being taken up!

Mindfulness for Exam Stress

We’re currently right in the middle of exam season, and the students were empowered to learn practices to help them re-focus, calm their minds, and let go of anxiety. 

Children really enjoyed the meditations

‘The children really enjoyed the day, particularly being able to lie down on the floor and take some quiet time.

Meditation workshops delivered to an entire school

During the morning visit, all three hundred and ninety children from reception up to year six were introduced to Mindful Meditation practices.

Happy New Year

2022 could be the year that your school is empowered with the practice of Mindfulness.

This Book is Perfect for School Teachers

Guide to the Mindful Way of Life is perfect for teachers who are looking to introduce short, essential mindfulness practices to their students and classroom.

New Term, New Start

Boost your Mindfulness practice. By signing up to this eight day Mini Mindful Course.Enjoy a ten minute guided mindful meditation each day, for eight days, and experience the great benefits of meditation.

Meditation for kids – How it can help address mental health challenges in secondary schools

I spoke to the lovely people at Teachwire about Meditation. Read the interview here.

Guided Meditation to Live in the Moment and Increase Focus

Guided Mindful Meditation ideally suited for ages 16-18. Try this ten minute guided meditation with your class.

Mindfulness Pods for your School

We have three Mindfulness pods that we are giving away to schools

Mindfulness for Students and their Carers

A mindfulness workshop for young people and parents / carers. Book your training here.

Meditation for Educators

I spoke with Sam and Julia from Teachstrong about all the benefits of bringing Meditation to schools. You can listen to the conversation here.

Let us Play

Let us play is an important charity providing sports, arts, play, and outings for children with special needs. We offered the team a one-hour session introducing essential mindful meditation practices, including, mindful breathing and mindful mind training. Staff felt inspired taking time out of their busy day to calm and relax their minds, restoring and strengthing mental health. Apply to bring training into your school or organisation below.

Ofqual Training

We offered a morning of mindful training to the team at Ofqual. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England. We introduced mindful meditation to around fifty people over the course of two hourly sessions. This training is fun, relaxing, peaceful, and inspiring, leaving team members refreshed and inspired to return to work with mindfulness, resilience, and creativity.

Mindfulness at Primary School

Each year group had a tailored made session, with pupils and staff having the opportunity to engage with mindful training which ranged from mindful breathing, mindful movement, mindful body practices.

Thoughts from a recent mindfulness workshop

We introduced a series of gentle mindful training practices for 10-15 years olds. Here are some of their thoughts.

How Mindfulness Can Help Young People

Mindfulness Workshop for 10-16 Year Olds

Watch the video below to see a summary and feedback from chidren.

Transcending Exam Stress

When I was taking exams during my Buddist training, I would always spend a little time doing breathing meditation before revision, just to set a relaxed, focused tone…

A mindfulness-based intervention to increase resilience to stress in university students

Published today by a research team at Cambridge University is a promising report of the beneficial effects of Mindfulness on University Students during exam times.

Mindful Schools, Fordbridge Child Care Plus

A successful visit introducing practitioners to mindfulness and how to share practices with children as young as three years old.

Bolton School

Discussion and engagement was very positive and we look forward to visiting again.

St Johns College

A successful visit to St Johns College to introduce Mindfulness training to the entire Year 9 cohort.